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Update on 8 July, 2015
Unique Benefits of MU3DE for Education
Educational Use CaceUnique BenefitsWeakness and Countermeasures
Common "Virtual worlds afford many benefits to the learning process. At the high school level, students often become disenchanted with the learning process and fail to engage.
By using a virtual environment the students are more "active" by having avatars that wander and seek out the information to learn. They also take more ownership of their learning as they find the links and explore the space, as well as customize their avatar."
(Enrique Cachafeiro, 8bitBiologist in Second Life)
Technical Issues
- See Tutorials

- Orientation Area for VW Teachers

- Network of volunteer technical supporters
A. Lecture, student presentation and discussion interactively by remote access
(Lecture, Conference, Workshop, etc.)
- Voice and visual communication in online distance learning.

- Synchronicity and Interactivity between Teacher and students

- Capability for remote, real-time communication among multiple users.

B. Visualize contents and contexts in 3D space
(Poster session in 3D, etc.)
- Visualize own Idea by oneself with curation in 3D without limitation.

- Interactive Display by Touch, Sit, Zoom, etc.

- Inexpensive way for teachers and students to visualize 3D objects compared with proprietary software.

C. Multi-sensing immersive experiences
(Field trip, Performing Art, Language, etc.)
- Sense places and events in a Virtual World that supports multimedia, such as visual, aural and simulations.

- An opportunity to visit places that people cannot access easily in the physical world.

- Language education by voice and field trips to enhance their learning experience.

Lack of appropriateness
- Select "General" rating

- Select OpenSim or Sim-on-a-Stick (SOAS)

Distraction from Learning
- SL is not suitable for systematic and effective passive learning
D. Discovery learning by collaboration
(Field trip, Museums, etc.)
- Capability for remote, real-time communication among multiple users.

- Discover and experience different types of learning with classmates in a user-created environment which is less structured than other social media spaces.

- Hunts

How to guide Students in ill-structured and open-ended environment?
- A balance between teacher control and letting students explore.

- Lesson plan notecard with LM

- combine with mailing list
E. Social skill challenge - Social skill development in a physically non-threatening environment.

- Enabling disabled persons to experience living via a virtual world in ways they may be able to experience in the physical world.

How to protect students from threat?
Teach students following measures;
- Don't open real personal information.

- Teleport to home at the wrong time

- Don't accept friendship from strangers

SL is safer than web by above measures

Lack of appropriateness
- Select "General" rating

- "General rating of SL is safer than Web contents very much
F. Person to person communication under less stress circumstance
(Counseling, etc.)
- Without the stress associated with face-to-face communication -
G. Special training and experiment
(Nursing, Lab safety, etc.)
- Medical and legal role play scenarios

- Experiments and training in potentially dangerous environments in real life.

- The training includes interactive experiences with hands-on objects to observe visual outcomes of onefs actions

VW esucation is time consuming work for both teacher and students, and almost educational redources are ill-structured and open-ended. So, VW isn't suitable for mussive education or sytematic knowledge transfer. Avoid situations where a class of more than 15 students.