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Virtual World Teacher Training Project
1.Advantage 2.Demo 3.Tutorial 4.Lesson Plan 5.Tools 6.Community
7.Build Video Tutorial LessonPlan DB Edu Destinations How to make Museum
Update on 6 Feb, 2018
Virtual World Teacher Training Project;
Natalie Nussli and Kevin Oh published 6 papers (see references) and Greg Perrierfs 2 documents about Teacher Training for education in VW.
I proposed to install these idea to "The Science Circle" in Second Life (SL).

Components of VW Teacher Training Area
1 - Unique Benefits, Challenges and Countermeasures for each use casessee above table
2 - Demonstration of each educational use cases (YouTube and 3D displays at orientation area). see YouTube of education.htm
2 - Destinations of Educational places in VW (Education Portal) visit
3 - VW technical tutorials (Setup, Presentation, Field Tour, How to interact with objects, Basic contents creation, etc) see Tutorial-Top.htm
4 - Lesson Plan Database need to update World of Education - Lesson Plan Database (University of South Florica, College of Education) or new development
5 - Educators Tools (Slides displayer, Clothing, SLoodle, etc.)
6 - Virtual World Education Communities
- VSTE (Virginia Society for Technology in Education) (SLURL)
- International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) (SLURL)
- Special Interest Group for Virtual Environments (SigVe) (SLURL)
- VWER (Virtual World Education Roundtable) (SLURL)
- Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education (VWBPE)
- Virtual Pioneers (SLURL)
- Second Life Educators List (SLED)
- The Science Circle (SLURL)
7 - Build
- Campus design & management
26 Apr, 2016: Hajime Nishimura. 1st workshop for VW Teacher Training Project
23 Jun, 2016: Greg Prumier, 2nd WS of Teacher Training Project: Thoughts on an Educator Specific Orientation in SL
23 Aug, 2016: Natalie Nussli, Kevin Oh, Virtual World Teacher Training Project 2nd workshop/ Slides: Kevin_and_Natalie_August_23_2016.pdf
22 Dec, 2016: Teacher Training Toweřw

Natalie Nussli, "An Investigation of Special Education Teachers' Perceptions of the Effectiveness of a Systematic 7-Step Virtual Worlds Teacher Training Workshop for Increasing Social Skills" (2014), Doctoral Dissertations, Paper 113, University of San Francisco Scholarship Repository

Natalie Nussli, Kevin Oh, Kevin McCandless "Collaborative science learning in three-dimensional immersive virtual worlds: Pre-service teachers' experiences in Second Life", Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia 08/2014; 23(3):291-322.

Kevin Oh, Natalie Nussli, "Teacher training in the use of a three-dimensional immersive virtual world: Building understanding through first-hand experiencesh, Journal of Teaching and Learning with Technology, Vol. 3, No. 1, June 2014, pp. 33 - 58. doi: 10.14434.jotlt.v3n1.3956

Natalie Nussli, Kevin Oh, gThe Components of Effective Teacher Training in the Use of Three-Dimensional Immersive Virtual Worlds for Learning and Instruction Purposes: A Literature Reviewh, Journal of Information Technology for Teacher Education 04/2014; 22(2):213-241.

Greg Perrier, 55 Lessons I learned from 6 years of working in education in Second Life