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Update on 8 July, 2015
Official viewer vs Firestorm
FeaturesSL Viewer (Official)Firestorm (3rd Party)
Install and updateEasyNot easy: Backup your setting -> uninstall old version -> Restore your setting
SL/OpenSimNot available for OpenSimAvailable for both SL and OpenSim
User Interface-Need to select mode "Viewer 3" at opening screen and re-log for compatible with SL viewer
SnapShotYou can't select optional resolution. So you need to download SS to your PC and resize and upload to SL.You can select optional resolution independent with aspect ratio -> useful for saving texture reading time
Chat by Pressing Letter KeysCtrl+P -> General tab > Pressing letter keys: Check "Starts local chat"Ctrl+P -> Move & View tab -> Movement tab -> delete check "Pressing letter keys affects movement (i.e. WASD) instead of starting local chat"
Edit chat by Arrow KeyCtrl+P -> Move & View -> Keyboard: delete check "Arrow keys always move me"Ctrl+P -> Move & View -> Movement tab. delete check "Arrow keys always move me"
Save chat logEasy
How to save: Ctrl+P -> Chat -> Save: select "Log and transcripts"
How to find: Same page (copy URL)
How to save: Ctrl+P -> Privacy -> Logs & Transcripts -> check "Save nearby chat transcript"
How to find: Ctrl+P -> Network & Files -> Directories -> copy URL of "Conversation logs and transcripts location"
Double click teleportCtrl+P > Chat tab -> delete check on "Play typing animation when chatting" Ctrl+P > Chat tab -> Typing tab > delete check on "Play typing animation when chatting"
Not use Pie menu-Ctrl+P -> User Interface tab -> 2D Overlay tab -> delete check "Use Pie Menu"
Common for both SL official viewer and Firestorm Viewer
Landmark: If you find Places button,You need to drag & drop Places button from toolbar buttons menu (Me -> Toolbar buttons)
SLURL: If you find navigation bar on menu bar, You need to right-click menu bar and select "Show Navigation and Favorites or Search Bar"
Stop rotation of mini map If the mini-map rotates with your direction, Right click mini-map > delete check on "Rotate Map"