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(Update: May 19, 2015)

Route diagram
- Please choose one of following destinations at the Central Hub near the landing point;
Green: Marine Life & Human in the Sea
Blue: Journey into the Deep
Pink: Observation and Simulation
Orange: Sunken City and Fantasy Zone

- In each tour, please follow "next destination" arrows of theme color. You can return to the Central Hub by click the Central Hub sign.
- You can get notecards by touch small Earth at each exhibits, although each instructions are not enough yet.
- You can hear sound of the surf, voices of whales, sea birds, etc. If you put on streaming music, you can enjoy BGM. You can select channels at the Undersea Bar.
- We recommend you too reduce Fog Density Exponent of Advanced Water Editor in underwater (World > Environment settings > Environment Editor > click "Advanced Water")

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Landing point (Welcome house)
Teleport Hub to the Exhibits in Second Life (Free Gift. Link)

Welcome House
- General information
- Central Hub to four destinations (slurl)

Science Museum Shops
Marine Life & Human in the Sea
by guest creators Gonbe Shan, santen Juran, Kaikou Splash, Nobu Shim, Dugong Janus and Shanna Sungsoo(current marine lives list)

JAMSTEC photo gallery
- Shinkai 6500 (JAMSTEC, Nobu Shim)
- Marine research facilities, deep marine lives, simulation result, etc. (c)JAMSTEC (slurl) (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)

Cetalogical Museum by Dugong Janos

Undersea Aquarium (slurl)
- Reef ecosystem by Delia Lake
Please go up to the oppsite side of basement, and go down again to the underwater.
Historical manned submersible(slurl)
- Mini-sub ride
- Beebe & Barton's Bathysphere (Rezago)
- Monturiol's "Ictineo I"(Rezago)
- Bathyscaph "Trieste"(Rezago)
- Cousteau's Diving Saucer "SP-350 Denise"(Rezago)
- Deep Flight (Jimbo Perhaps)

Cat-away model of Tektite underwater habitat (slurl)
Created by Asterion & Media 70. Under reconstruction of inside based on photos provided by Tektite habitat Museum
Undersea Bar (slurl)
Self service bar at the best view point. Drink server, Couple dance selected by curator. You can change channel of net radio.

You can sit on Jumping Dolphin, Sea Turtle, Blue Shark, Whale Shark, Narwhal、Hammer Head Shark, Ocean Sunfish, Seal, Manatee, Sperm Whale (Mobby Dick), Coelacanth

Journey into the Deep
(by Rezago and Draceina)
Start point of 2000 meter journey by a submarine elevator. There is a Mini-sub ride from downstairs of Offshore-base. (slurl)

2000 m depth. Deep/ underground microorganism research lab. (slurl)
Spreading center of ocean floor (slurl)
- Quest 7000,
- Diorama of a spreading center of ocean floor, thermal vents (Black smokers) and chemical synthesis ecosystem
Middle-base (800 m depth) (slurl)
- Sperm Whale vs. Giant Squid
- Coelacanth, Chamber Nautilus,
Climate Prediction Research
- NOAA ship"Okeanos Explorer"(web, slurl)
- Harvor Branch's submersible "Clelia"(web)
- Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute's AUV, REMUS 6000

In-situ ocean observation (slurl)
- Multi-bottle water sampler
- Mooring buoy
- Profiling floats (Argo floats)
- Underwater gliders
- AUV: Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
- ROV: Remotely Operating Vehicle
- OBS (Ocean Bottom Seismometers), OBEM (Ocean Bottom Electro-Magnetometer)
Atmospheric observation for process study (slurl)
- Doppler radar and Wind profiler with RASS (Sodar)
- Automatic weather statiotion
- GPS receiver (water vapor in atmosphere)
- Radiosonde (Draceina Pinion)
- Middle and Upper Atmosphere Radar (91 Yagi-antenna): The MU radar/ Equatoral Atomosphere Radar

Five spheres and Remote sensing (slurl)
- Atomsphere: MODIS's True color
- Anthoroposphere: DMSP's City lights (1992?/2008), Human Impacts to Marine Ecosystems
- Hydrosphere: GRHSST project
- Biosphere: AVHRR's Vegetation and SeaWiFS's Plankton
- Geosphere: ERS-2 and Shuttle's topography (NOAA, public domain)
Earth Simulator (ES2, (C)JAMSTEC, slurl)

NEC's Vector Parallel Supercomputer. Although ES2's Top500 ranking is 37 (June 2010), ES2 is still the world fastest computer for Ocean-Atomospher Coupled Model. In fact, US research center NCAR run their climate model on ES and provided the results to IPCC (see For better understanding of the Global Warming)

Starry sky: Night Sky Texture by ~desideriasp-stock

Sunken City and Fantasy Zone
Sunken City
- Archaeology Exhibits- Santorini Island (Kichimaru Haystack) (slurl)

Fictional zone
Jules Verne's research submarine "Nautilus" (slurl)
Faithful for Jules Verne's SF novel "20,000 Leagues under the Sea" by Reitsuki Kojima. Flickr- The Real Nautilus", Crisafulli's Nautilus site

The Design Project of Nautilus & the UnderSea World (slurl) SL creator's submarines: maxmax Miles, Michie Yokosuka, Kaiko Splash, etc.
Nuclear research submarine "Hydronaut" (slurl)

Submarine in a MGM movie "Around the World Under the Sea"(1966)