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We hold a remote classroom at "the future museum of science, Sci-Pia" of Okayama City, Japan, using Skype and virtual 3D space every month (period: April 2017 - March 2018). Planning and organizer is "co2sos", nonprofit organization of treating global warming problems.

Second Life (SL. Linden Lab) and Japan Open Grid (JOGrid. Iseki Laboratory, Tokyo University of Information Science) are used as virtual 3D space. I, two collaborators and a moderator in four different places are connected by Skype group call.

There were many elementary school students in the lower grade for the participants, we got harsh questionnaire responses from their parents at the beginning.
As a result of repeated improvements, first, the lecturer himself operates his viewer by using FlyCam mode of 3D mouse, and shares his screen with the venue and collaborators by using Skype Share Screens. By doing so, it is possible to synchronize the explanation and the screen, to make it easy to perceive three dimensions by motion stereopsis due to moving the viewpoint gradually like a drone mounted camera, and to allow participants to immerse in the 3D worild by adding the effect of air perspective of the shader too.

Second, a moderator facing children at the venue becomes a spokesperson for the children and helps interaction between lecturers and children, so that children can feel participating. Volunteer university students also prepared quiz games for children of lower grades who can not follow the content for the second grade high school age.
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15 Apr. #1 << Challenge into the Deep >>
Farwell (National Institute of Education, Singapore)
Jabara Land Atlantis(Jabara Estate)
20 May#2 << Challenge to the Space >>
from Kennedy Space Center, International Space Station, Moon, to Mars
International Spaceflight Museum(non-profit in USA)
Explorer Island (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
17 Jun.#3 << Global Warming >>
Explorer Island
Farwell- Only One Earth
Chaos and Climate Prediction
17 Jul.<< Eco Classroom >>
( Experience of CO2 by Dry Ice >>
Farwell- Chaos and Climate Prediction
19 Aug.#4 << Earth & Life Evolution >>
4.6 Billion Years Journey of Life-filled Earth
Farwell- Earth & Life Evolution
16 Sep.#5 << Dinosaurs World >>
Explore the Cretaceous earth where the earth is most warming and dinosaurs flourish
Prehistorica "The Dawn Kingdoms"
Dinosaur Avatars & Adventure, Fort Nowhere
20 Oct.#6 << Space Travel >>
from Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Nearest Galaxies to Big-Bang
Explorer Island (Mars)
International Spaceflight Museum (Jupiter, Saturn)
The Science Circle (Nearest Stars) Exploratorium(ビッグバン)
18 Nov. #7 << Virtual Sci-Pia >>  
16 Dec. Young Astronauts Club- Japan
at Leaning Commons of Okayama University Library
International Spaceflight Museum (Space Shuttle, International Space Station, Jupiter)
Explorer Island (Mars)
Exploratorium (Big-Bang)
13 Jan. #8 << Cetological Museum >>
The largest museum/aquerium in the world with many types of whales and dolphins are exhibited
17 Feb.#9 << Prophet of Science & Technology, Jules Verne's World >>
"Journey to the Center of the Earth" and "20,000 league Under the Sea"
17 Mar.#10 << Ultra Deep Drill Ship "CHIKYU" >>
On board tour of "CHIKU", drilling to the Mantle.
JOGrid (Tokyo University of Information Science)
11 MayScience lecture for adults. TBD 
12 MayScience lecture for children. TBD