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Virtual World Teacher Training Project (Orientation Tower for VW Educators)
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Collaboration between Kenneth Y T Lim of National Institute of Education, Singapore, Tokyo University of Information Sciences (TUIS), Community Virtual Library, Nonprofit Commons, International Spaceflight Museum and co2sos
(Update: May 29, 2022)
What is the ABYSS?
"Abyss Observatory" is an international museum/ aquarium of Earth science, undersea technology and also sense of wonder about the misteries of Earth & Life in multi-user 3D environment Second Life (SL) hosted by Kenneth Y T Lim and Japan Open Grid (JOGrid) hosted by Fumikazu Iseki Laboratory of TUIS

The Abyss was privately founded by 3 Japanese and a US creator of closed "the Abyss Museum of Ocean Science", and opened on Jan 28, 2010 using one third of the NOAA's SIM "Second Earth 3 (SE3)", hosted by SciLands. SE3 was succeeded by JAMSTEC from NOAA on April, 2011.

After closing of SE3 on June, 2015, the Abyss continues to develope Earth, Ocean and Life science exhibits and cross-desciplinary collaboration in SL and JOGrid.

Hajime Nishimura, Kenneth Y T Lim, Koji Koyamada, The Abyss Observatory - designing for Remote Collaboration, Self-directed Discovery and Intuition Development in multi-user interactive 3D virtual environments, Journal of Virtual World Research
Name/ LocationSnapshots
Ocean Observation & Swimming Cetacea
at Farwell
Submersible History
Coastal Habitats
by Linda Morris Kelley
Earth & Life Evolution
at Farewll

Chaos & Climate Prediction
at Farewll
Cetological Museum
at Farwell
Sunken City & Archaeology
at Farwell
Jules Verne's Nautilus
St.Michell- the Jules Verne Museum

Jabara Estate
Name/ LocationSnapshots
Journey into the Deep
at Jabara Land Atlantis

International Spaceflight Museum
Name/ LocationSnapshots
Japan Experiment Mudule "Kibo"- International Space Station
at Spaceport Alpha

ScienceCircle Foundation
Name/ LocationSnapshots
The Modern Museum
Motoko Museum of Art History
The Education Portal
at The Science Circle

Tokyo University of Information Technology, Japan
Name/ LocationSnapshots
Abyss Observatory
at Japan Open Grid (JOGrid)

Archive of Abyss Observatory at SE3 at Second Earth 3 (closed in 2015), JAMSTEC

Current Marine Lives

Purpose and Goal?
- Visualize Marine life ecosystem including underground microorganism and Human activities under the sea.
- Visualize Climate prediction research activities for better understanding of Earth system and Global issues.
- Collaborate with Earth science related places in Second Life.
- Encourage SL creators and artists who interested in marine, and nurture dream for undersea world.

Members (Ocean Museum Curators group)


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