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Virtual World Teacher Training Project (Orientation Tower for VW Educators)
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(Update: 9th Nov, 2015)
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Name/ LocationRegion OwnerSnapshots
Gerry Anderson's World@AiLand
Supercar: Black Rock (128, 128, 22)
Fireball XL-5: Space City (93, 116, 22)
Stingray: Marineville (46, 9, 21)
World of Gerry Anderson's super-marionation, "Supercar"(1961), "Fireball XL5"(1962) and "Stingray"(1964) created by Ai Austin. HYPERICA: Stingray/ Supercar/ XL5.
Oil Rig@AiLand
Oil Rig (122, 113, 42)
Semi-sub type Oil Rig by Ai Austin. We can see Drilling system (Derrick, Power swivel, Rotally table, Drawworks, Driller's house (Doghouse)), Well control system (Mud pomp, Mud tank, Diverter, Shale shaker, Choke & kill manifold, Blow Out Preventer), and Support system (Azimuth thruster, Remote operated vehicle, Heliport). There isn't Riser pipes, Casing pipes, Crown brock (fixed pulley), Traveling brock (moving pulley), Crown-mounted Motion Compensator, Riser tenssioner, etc. HYPERICA.
Archaeology project by the University of St Andrews@Apollo Grid
Portal, Central Hub (127, 148, 22)
Cathedral 1 (128, 128, 40)
Reconstruction project of St. Andrew Cathedral (Roman Cathoric charch in Scotland, 1318) by the University of St Andrews. St Andrews Cathedral, Virtual Histories Project, Virtual Worlds Research at University of St Andrews
The city of math, Mathland@Craft World
Mathland (126,164,49)
Virtual Science. Curated by Michelle Tech (Italy). Geometry: Dividing equally, Parallel, Area, Pythagorean theorem, Solid of revolution, Volume.
Edu3d@Craft World
Edu3d (104, 131, 24)
Scriptlandia (97,127,23)
Artistic objects made by basic prims looks like Supertrees of "Gardens by the Bay" in Singapore. Free Scripts Library of Particles (Beam, Snow fall, Fire, Foam, Steam, Rain fall, etc.), Animated texture (Scroll, Expand, Reduction, Rotation, etc.), Sound, etc.
DigiLandia@Craft World
Michelangelo, DigiLandia (155, 146, 22)
Created by Michelangelo Tricarico. Tower of Pisa, Saint Peter's Basilica, Duomo in Milano, Eiffel Tower
UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in Europe@Craft World
Heritage (237, 132, 22)
Created by Yoster Allen. virtualchristineLs Second Life/OpenSim Blog
Museo del Metaverso@Craft World
MdM (118, 139, 404)
Contemporary Art Museum. Museo del Metaverso Project Documentation, Museo del Metaverso.
Spanish Language Learning@DigiWorldz
escape (125, 115, 41)
Spanish Language Learning at Escape
Jurassic Park@FrancoGrid
Jurassic Park (178, 140, 6)
The Isla Sorna island of the movie "Jurassic Park" is reconstructed in 1276m * 1276m VarRegion. Vistors can't teleport directly at the gate of the park and can't fly too, so you need to enter the island by double-click teleport using camera control.
Moya Museum@FrancoGrid
moya (114, 122, 118)
Contempotary art museum by French artist "Patrick Moya". HYPERICA.
Cherry Manga@FrancoGrid
levillage (114, 122, 118)
Terra-Mater (128, 128, 21)
Aliceinwonderland (131,106,825)
Art installations by Cherry Manga. In Aliceinwonderland, please enter into a hollow of a tree and drop, then you'll arrive at a room. Please click a chair mark appeared at mouse pointer, then you can proceed the story. YouTube
Abyss Observatory@JOGrid
Portal, Abyss Observatory (190, 191, 141)
MU Radar, Abyss Observatory (132, 466, 105)
Drill Ship, Abyss Observatory (493, 305, 139)
Earth Simulator, Abyss Observatory (386, 478, 107)
Earth & Life Evolution, Abyss Observatory (124, 116, 158)
Japan Agency for Marine and Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) and Tokyo University of Information Technology (TUIS) Collaboration. Ultra-deep Science drill ship "Chikyu" and Earth Simulator (3rd replacement. NEC SX-ACE) of JAMSTEC, MU Radar (Middle and Upper Atmosphere Radar) of Kyoto Uiversity, Earth and Life Evolution and the Modern Museum.
"Wind Observatory" and "Wind Circle"@JOGrid
Abyss Observatory (9, 9, 401)
Art installation using wind field by comet Morigi. The wind field is Jos Stan's realtime simulation of incompressible 2D fluid dynamics installed by Iseki laboratory of TUIS. Visitors can change paramators of the simulation and can see wind field change in-situ.
The Modern Museum@JOGrid
MM-I, Abyss Observatory (381, 127, 3591)
MM-II, Abyss Observatory (446, 189, 3785)
Curated by Hajime Nishimura, comet Morigi and motoko Moonwall. Collaboration plateform for finding cross-disciplinary relations between Paintings, Sculptures, Music, Architectures, Inventions and discoveries on science and technology, Social events, etc. in modern history.
Paradise Island@JOGrid
Paradise Island (59, 145, 21)
Animal Park by Tarsha. Artiodactyla (Cow and Bull, Hog, Giraffe, Reindeer, Sheep, Pig, Buffalo), Felidae (Lion, Tiger), Elephant, Dog, Rabit, Zebra, Horse, Gorilla, Aves (Seagull, Black swan, Swan, Stork), Marine mammals (Seal, Orca).
Le Voyage De Chihiro (Spirited Away)@JOGrid
Start point, sen001 (148, 235, 33)
Abura-ya, sen003 (135, 248, 44)
World of the anime movie "Le Voyage De Chihiro" (Spirited Away) by DAIKI Aabye using 9 regions.
Shibuya and Osaka@JOGrid
Shibuya (49, 196, 22)
Little_Osaka (108, 108, 24)
Shibuya intersection of Tokyo and Ebisu-bridge over Doutonbori-river of Osaka, Japan by Kote2.
Four Seasons Botanical Garden@JOGrid
Spring, tim Land (48, 169, 21)
Winter, vushnue organ (373, 504, 21)
Botanical Garden by timou Nishi. Four seasons in VarRegion (512m * 512m). Spring: Cherry, Camellia hiemalis, cattail, Bamboo, Black pine, Nandina, etc., Summer: Parm tree, Crape myrtle, Trumpet creeper, Cocoloco flower, etc., Autumn: Maple tree, Winter: White birch, etc.
Micrographia (26, 101, 620)
Microscope Gallery, Micrographia (178, 223, 22)
Yersinia pestism, Micrographia (159, 207, 22)
Top level science exhibits by Graham Mills. "Robert Hooke", known for "Hooke's law" about elasticity, published "Micrographia" in 1665 which illustrates a flea, etc. through microscope. In the same year, epidemic caused yersinia pestis carried by rat fleas was occerred in London, and in the next year, 1996, the epidemic was ceased in the great fire of London. This exhibit features these coincidences. Kitely, Virtual Outworlding.
Hosoi Mura - Edo Honshu Japan@Kitely
Hosoi Mura (128, 128, 22)
Hosoi Mura - Edo Honshu Japan (181, 599, 24)
by Hosoi Ichiba. Kitely, Hosoi Ichiba Shop blog
Lisbon 1755@Kitely
Lisbon 1755 2,1 (208, 173, 21)
Reconstruction of the city of Lisbon before the 1755 earthquake by the Centre for History of Art and Artistic Research of the University of Evora (CHAIA) and the company Beta Technologies. Kitely
rue Valois, Parc de Monceaux 1785@Kitely
Parc de Monceaux 178 (222, 546, 34)
Worlds End@Kitely
Worlds End Showroom (227, 220, 28)
Astronomy (128, 134, 26)
Sculpted Earth@Metropolis
Earth (128, 52, 101)
Wolf Reference Library@Metropolis
Wolf Reference Library (130, 168, 21)
New Mexico@Metropolis
New Mexico (170, 74, 46)
Pompeii (111, 175, 28)
Reconstruction project of Pompeii where was buried in pyroclastic flow of monte Vesuvio eruption. Currently 2 region is opened, but goal is total 16 regions by Pixel Prim and volunteers. Reconstruction of Pompeii
Ivory City of Prims@Sanctuary
Ivory City 1 (41,127,42)
Prims build tutrials by the recently deceased Lumiere Noir, the creator of Ivory Tower in Second Life, and his SL partner, Tosha Tyran succeeds his work. Memorial of Lumiere Noir
The Spirit of Arcadia@Sanctuary
TSoA 1 (126,117,32)
Almost of Arcadia Ashylum's or Aley's full permission works are displayed in 14 regions.
TSoA 1: Privateer Space (Moon Base)
TSoA 2: Steam Town/ Jules Vernes World
TSoA 5: Jumgle
TSoA 6: The Abyss
TSoA 7: The Sea of Aley
TSoA 9: Fertering Cesspools of Greed and Corription!!! (Slums)
TSoA 11: Nemo's Underwater Lab
TSoA 13: Arcadia Asylum Research Laboratory (Arcadia/ Aley vendors)
TSoA 14: And Now For Something Completely Different
TSoA 15: Arcadia Asylum Living Library and Cog & Grog Freebie Center
Huxley (113,130,40)
Created by Mary Anne Clark, Texas Wesleyan University. Huxle (Landing point), Mendel (Mendel's law), Hooke (Cell) and Crick (Chromosome). Virtual Outworlding.
Nova Archaeology@VIBE
Late Roman Village, Nova (150, 48, 24)
Maya, Nova (44, 97, 29)
Native American Cultural Periods, Altun Ha (174, 233, 21)
Lemon House, Allegheny (94, 133, 24)
Archaeology Island by Nova Saunders, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, etc. The Hyperzette
Africa Traveler@VIBE
AfricaTraveler (21, 55, 22)
Leaning prevention of endemic local diseases and intercultural communication skill for East Africa Travelers. GlobalHealth3D Grid.
Observatorio- Mintaka Campus@VirtualMintaKa
MintaKa-3 (106, 227, 78)
la ultima frontera, Mar 15 (114, 103, 398)

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