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Update on 30 Jan, 2018
Abyss creator, motoko Moonwall died on 4th Feb, 2016 on lung cancer. When the cancer was found in hospital, the cancer already metastasized to lymph node, and she soon deteriorated into coma. So I couldn't talk with her at all in real life, but I visited her room and talked with her mother and close relatives, I could know her better than before.

She sent a message which encouraged her friend before but it is also her last word why she devoted all her energy into building museums.

Yan Lauria

<< I wouldn't say hang in there. >>
I tell you I neither believe in nor expect a reward from this miserable world.
It is exactly the same with all the people around me including my family.
I never expect affection, friendship or sympathy to me from them.
They change quite readily with time and are too uncertain to be relied on.

It is a rare fortune if they continue even a short period.
It is indeed so as I believe that no one can really understand me and share the feeling with me.

I am no one else but me, and am alone in this void and dark, billions light-years-wide universe.

And yet, I try hard to do as far as I can to improve this insignificant, miserable, and uncertain social world and to connect people who can't understand one another.
I do it not for others but for myself.

Before long, I'll cease to breathe and I'll be reduced to nothingness.
I firmly believe that there is no afterlife. I'll be completely lost and nothing will be left behind me.

However, at this last moment, I'll be able to shout to the void which will soon fully embrace me,

"Shit! Over my dead body! Anyway, I did all I could do!"

motoko Newall / Jun Takamoto (translated by Sayully Noel)

She remained many works in SL and JOGrid but she never earned income by making these works. (Touch images for full size)
Chaos and Climate Prediction
Abyss Observatory, Farwell (161, 175, 3501)

Chaos water wheel of Edward Lorenz and his computer, Royal McBee's LPG-30.
See Chaos water wheel

Earth and Life Evolution
Abyss Observatory, Farwell (173, 184, 3401)

Abyss Observatory (125, 116, 158) @ JOGrid
hop:// Observatory/125/116/159

4.6 billion years history of Earth and Life evolution.
See YouTube

Verne's Nautilus Reconstruction
St Michel - the Jules Verne Museum, Lily (191, 215, 1506)

Abyss Observatory (191, 213, 1506) @ JOGrid
hop:// Observatory/191/213/1506

Yan Lauria, motoko Moonwall reconstructed Jules Verne's Nautilus based on original novel faithfully using Aley(Arcadia Ashylum)'s interior of her Nautilus.
See Web Site/ Guided tour

Motoko Museum of Art History
The Science Circle (162, 189, 3775)

Abyss Observatory (444, 187, 3942) @ JOGrid
hop:// Observatory/444/188/3942

See Right Eyefs Art vs. Left Eyefs Art?/ YouTube

motoko's workbench of Art History
Abyss Observatory (381, 127, 3591) @ JOGrid
hop:// Observatory/382/127/3591

motoko added many lines and objects on the Modern Museum (Yan and comet) for finding relation between Art and human's thoughts.

renja Rae Radio Studio
renja Rae Radio. Vional (170, 219, 21)
Tsukubai in front of the Japanese tea room
Jabara Land 1st, Jabara Land (56, 31, 502)

A tsukuba is a washbasin provided at the entrance to holy places.

Otaru Canal in Hokkaido, Japan
otaru1 (144, 209, 23) @ JOGrid

See YouTube

Summer festival venue and Tomioka church in Otaru city
otaru2 (167, 195, 31) @ JOGrid
Armillary sphere stage
takoyaki (144, 120, 22) @ JOGrid

See YouTube

Dream Flower Radio
Dream Flower Radio, Vional (127, 218, 4055)

Photographs by motoko Moonwall (Touch for full size)