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(updete: 11 Dec, 2015)
- Verne's Nautilus
It is believed that Jules Gabriel Verne (1828-1905, France) made a rough general arrangement of Nautilus for "Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea" ("Vingt mille lieues sous les mers", 1870), but the arrangement wasn't found yet. Many reseachers tried to reconstruct the arrangement but it is difficult because there are several deviations in the novel (ref.1 by Michael Crisafulli).

Inspired by Crisafulli's website, Hajime Nishimura (JAMSTEC, Yan Lauria in Second Life), motoko Moonwall and Aley (former Arcadia Ashylum) reconstructed the Nautilus based on original novel faithfully at "St. Michell- the Jules Verne Musuem" (established by Veritas Raymaker, National Institute of Education, Singapore) in Second Life.

General Arrangement
See Guided Tour

- Aley/ Arcadia Ashylum/ Lora Lemon/ Randromeda Galicia/ Aley Arai
Aley was the greatest contributer in Second Life for her various series of Slum City, Hobo Town, Privateer Space, Pirate Town, Steampunk, Abyss, etc.. Aley also provided several deep sea displays for Abyss Observatory. We diverted components and furnitures of Aley's Disney Nautilus for reconstruction of Verne's Nautilus.

But according to her friends who are supporting Aley's activities, Aley was banned in Oct. 2014 while she was off-lined for about 6 weeks due to her moving house in real life. She tried to contact SL and no one at LL would talk to her. she was very unhappy about this and left Second Life.
So she didn't know her new Nautilus completion.

We believe Aley doesn't have any reason to be banned, and are waiting her coming back to Second Life.
If you have real life contact of Aley/ Arcadia Ashylum/ Lora Lemon/ Randromeda Galicia/ Aley Arai, please let her know our wish. (ref 4)

- St. Michell- the Jules Verne Musuem
"St Michel - the Jules Verne Museum" is the first facility of its size in Second Life to honour the life and creative works of Jules Verne.
Verne, together with Hugo Gernsback and H G Wells, is often referred to as the 'Father of Science Fiction'. His imagination and attention to detail combined to help him predict many aspects of life that are relevant even to the early 21st century, such as camera-phones and fuel-cells.

Spread over 0.7 hectares and comprising self-paced informational experiences, it is hoped that the variations in type and scale of the exhibits will convey some sense of the sheer breadth of Verne's genius.
The original site of the Museum was featured in the March 2008 issue of Deja Vu International magazine.
That site was used from July 2007 to August 2008. The Museum is presently situated in the sim of Lily (SLURL), and was opened in January 2009.

"St Michel - the Jules Verne Museum" draws its name from a series of boats which Verne himself owned. The Museum is designed by Veritas Raymaker, and was inspired by Maria Martinek.

Please click each small images to obtain 1920 x 1018 jpg images.
Name/ LocationRegion OwnerSnapshots
at Lily, 1500m
Spidle shape hull. I believe the Beak or Ram of submarine nose is mainly for breaking iceberg of antarctic explolere. 4 blades propeller.

Most important condition for submarine design is crews number. We carefully read description of the boat missions, fishing work on the top deck and diving works in iceberg, Then, there were at least 2 set of 10 crews if they are working on 12-hour shift. Including Captain, Chief officer and 3 guests, total is 25 person.

We suppose another several crews were on board at initial period but they died judging from description of underwater graveyard of Indian ocean. So Nautilus has capability for 30 people.
There was two set of closed deck boats or dinggies based on estimation of crews number. (there is no clear discription on number of boats on Nautilus). This arrangement made the boats easy launch and recover.

On the deck outside of Nautilus, there are panals of Crisafulli's resaerch about Nautilus.

Famous Salone for which is "a huge quadrilateral with canted corners, ten meters long, six wide, five high". It is impossible to be installed inside of cigar shaped hull. If we think "canted corners" as the long side direction

Paintings, panoplies of arms, ceiling ("delicate arabesques") are selected by original novel.

There are famous pipeorgan in Disney movie, but there isn't a music score of Bach, instead to Bach, tortured captain Nemo could played Mozart's Requiem Kyrie, KV 626.

Chaptain's cabin &
Control room
(left) Nemo's austere cabin. Portraits of hiros on a wall are selected due to the original novel. The portrate of "a woman, still young, and two little child", maybe Nemo's family, was selected.

After explanation about Natrium battery at Nemo's cabin, Aronnax said "I followed Captain Nemo down gangways located for easy transit, and I arrived amidships", but there isn't enough space for gangway at side of salon due to underwater windows, I arranged a stair case to the control room at aft end of Salon for emargency.

(right) I arranged the control room/ chart room and Chief officer's cabin at the interior upper deck although they are not described in the novel. Captain Nemo sometime didn't appear in Salon for several days. I suppose Nemo and Cheif officer used the bed of Chief officer's room by rotation in emargency.
Dining room
and Library
 Ceiling pattern was selected in accordance with the discription of "scrollwork" in the labrary and "delicately painted designs" in the dining room.

Ceilling lights in Nautilus are unified in accordance with the discription of "Electric light flooded this whole harmonious totality, falling from four frosted half globes set" in the library and "this luminous force came from a frosted half globe curving out of the cabin's ceiling" in the prison.
Crews quater
and Galley

(left) Crew’s bed can be shared for 12-hour shift in submarine, but Nautilus is refugee nation and very long voyage, so I thought one bed for one crew.

Then I arranged two crew bunks at interior upper deck and lower deck, and 2 boats for evacuation of all crews. 4 Toilets are arranged at control room, bathroom and before diving room.

Prison where 3 guests were arrested and Cabin for Ned and Conseiu are arranged at interior upper deck.

(right) Galley - Bathroom - Mess Room are arranged at interior lower deck same level as Salon - Library - Dining room.
Engine room and
Diving room

(left) Engine is not a electric motor but Radial Solenoid Engine in accordance with discription of "The electricity produced passes aft, where it works, by electro-magnets of great size, on a system of levers and cog-wheels that transmit the movement to the axle of the screw".

(right) Diving room is not moon pool type like Disney movie through which divers enter from bottom of Nautilus, but airlock room through which divers enter from side of Nautilus.

Name/ LocationRegion OwnerSnapshots
Nuclear Submarine
at Lily- Submarine
There is a UK nuclear atack submarine "HMS Swiftsure" class (Wikipedia) created by Kirstenlee Cinquetti and Veritas Raymaker at the ground level of Lily. The Swiftsure class is almost same size with Verne's Nautilus, so please compare modern nuclear submarine and Verne's submarine.
Jules Verne Museum
at Lily- Entrance
Landing point of "St. Michell- the Jules Verne Musuem". You can obtain general information by touch a post near the point.
Please slide down the wire line to entrance of underwater house by right click and select slide.

When you find a purple cone, please touch to call (rez) a guide submersible to visit all exhibits: Introduction, Submarine, Seamount, Skywards and Moon.
1) Verne's Nautilus by Michael Crisafulli

2) The Design of Jules Verne’s Submarine Nautilus by Stuart Wier(PDF)

3) Project Gutenberg- "Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea"

4) Frends of Arcadia Ahylum (Google+ group)