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Virtual World Teacher Training Project (Orientation Tower for VW Educators)
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Update on 23th March, 2022
Tokyo University of Information Science, Kenneth Y T Lim (National Institute of Education, Singapore), Community Virtual Library, Nonprofit Commons, International Spaceflight Museum, co2sos, etc. are collaborating on educational use of Multi-User 3D Environment (MU3DE), such as Second Life and OpenSim Grids, as a Cross-disciplinary Collaboration Platform.
Why MU3DE?
MU3DE is a remarkable platform for remote, inter-disciplinary and international collaboration, overcoming differences in language and time zone. Major factors for such collaboration are derived from:

- MU3DE has object-oriented creating method which enables to share works or ideas and to accumulate collaborating results in non-real time. People do not need to rely upon Computer Graphics specialists in order to express their own ideas in MU3DE. There are many free materials for creation, and an active marketplace in which people can easily purchase goods and use them in MU3DE.

- MU3DE has also been useful not only for visualization of contents but also for visualization of contexts, the relations between the different content. Such exhibits need to arrange related contents in a narrative - not only through linguistic communication (such as text and speech) - but also through visual.

- Remote and real-time / non-real-time communication by English text chat: Listening to English can be a weak point for Asian people. English text chat enables Asian people to communicate internationally at relatively ease. It is also more useful for conferences during which many people are participating.

Open Science Promotion Workshop;
- Hajime Nishimura, Sui Morita, Jun Takamoto, Cross-disciplinary collaboration platform using MMORPG technology .Virtual museum of Art and modern history., 3rd Open Science Data Promotion Workshop, Kyoto University, Sep, 2016

MIWoSE: Monthly International Workshop on Science Exibits in VW

Virtual World Teacher Training Project

Presentaion in SL/OpenSim/ Field Trip;
 8 May. 2020Hajime Nishimura, "Gateway to Thinking - TelePortal for Education Monthly Tour #1"
 7 Dec. 2019Hajime Nishimura, "The Climate Change Portal, a Science basis for ESD: Education for Sustainable Development in collaboration with RL Science museum in Japan"
 6 Oct. 2019Linda Morris Kelley, "Whales, dolphins, porpoises, and us"/ YouTube
23 June, 2019Linda Morris Kelley, "The Coast and Waters of the Sub Arctic"/ YouTube
 8 June. 2019Hajime Nishimura, "Mars and Oppotunity"
19 Jan. 2019Hajime Nishimura, "Ultra Deep Science Drill Ship"
22 Dec. 2018Hajime Nishimura, pyo Igaly, "Space Shuttle Launch & Re-entry and International Space Station"/ YouTube
16 Dec. 2017Fumon Crystal, "The Future of Fukushima - The recostruction and the radiation protection"
 5 Nov, 2017Linda Morris Kelley, "The Fantastic Life in the Oceans"/ YouTube
 3 Nov, 2017Fumon Crystal, "The Future of Fukushima - The recostruction and the radiation protection"
18 Mar, 2017Hajime Nishimura, "Vernefs Nautilus re-construction"/ Japanese version
16 Jan, 2016Hajime Nishimura, "Big Data and Supercomputing - for Sustainable and Resilient Society"
15 Feb, 2014Hajime Nishimura, "How to make a Musuem- Visualization for Collaboraion and Discoverry Part 2"
21 Sep, 2013Hajime Nishimura, "Visualization for Collaboration and Discovery in Online 3D Environment"
** Art History Series **
10 Nov. 2018Hajime Nishimura, "Field trip of Art History part 3 at Motoko Museum of Art History"/ YouTube
 3 Nov. 2018Hajime Nishimura, "Art History part 3 -Liberal vs. Conservative in Art?"/ Japanese version/ Left-Middle-Right Art/ YouTube
24 Jun, 2017Hajime Nishimura, "Art History Part 2 - Right Eyefs Art vs. Left Eyefs Art? -"/ Japanese version
14 Dec, 2014Hajime Nishimura, "Art History Part 1 -30 Thousand Year Time Travel of Arts"

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